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Zhou xi 'an, vice governor of anhui province visited anhui tiankang group for research and guidance


      On August 8, vice governor of anhui province Zhou Xian in vice secretary of the provincial government, provincial Sun Donghai, director of the development research center, deputy director of provincial department of commerce of the Yang qing, vice mayor of chuzhou Xu Guangyou accompanied by other leaders to visit anhui, tecon group research work, anhui Mao Wenzhang Zhao Kuan, tecon group chairman, general manager, deputy general manager BaiBaoDong accompanied by investigation and report the production and operation of an enterprise.

     Zhao kuan, chairman of the board, reported to zhou xian and his party the development of the group in the past 45 years, and introduced in detail the industrial structure adjustment and operation of the group in recent years. In the research on the production line of tiankang medical technology, zhou xian has a detailed understanding of the product structure, technical advantages and domestic and foreign trade of tiankang medical technology. Days, medical science and technology as export-oriented, tecon group, independent operation of the new three board listed companies, products are exported to countries such as Poland, France, Italy, and signed a cooperation agreement with African Rwanda NS company, founded in African Rwanda Rwanda days kang medical technology co., LTD., to further accelerate the development of the group's internationalization.

                       Zhou Xian to anhui, tecon group's achievements over the years and actively doing national "area" development strategy gave high evaluation and praise, at the same time concerned about the difficulties that exist in the process of enterprise development, and encourage, tecon group adhere to the scientific and technological innovation, focus on improving product quality and core competitiveness, and actively explore the international market, for the country to make contributions to the development of private economy.

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